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EUPHORIA -Goth- by SquirrelShaver EUPHORIA -Goth- :iconsquirrelshaver:SquirrelShaver 2,318 73 Free pegasus poses by BronzeHalo Free pegasus poses :iconbronzehalo:BronzeHalo 722 28
FREE Felis Draconis Genos!
I've decided to give away some free Felis Draconis genos to generate more interest in the group! You will get to choose the species of your geno, but everything else will be random. You can only get one free geno. Please check out the group for more info on what to do with your geno after you get it! :iconthefelisdraconis:
Post below with the species you want and I will roll your geno for you! Please note the imports will not be up until tomorrow so you won't be able to design them until then!
Species Images
Done by the lovely Nanuukk 



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Darkfang Roleplay Tracker by IconSans Darkfang Roleplay Tracker :iconiconsans:IconSans 8 0
Prompt: I'm always the last to know...
Prompt: Why?
Prompt: The most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Prompt: Why'd I have to figure it out on my own?
Prompt: A guy/girl like that.
Prompt: London, England.
Prompt: Waterbottle.
Prompt: You always leave me...
Prompt: Do you love me?
Prompt: In the end...
Prompt: Winner.
Prompt: Loser.
Prompt: Where were you?
Prompt: I'm sorry.
Prompt: So ungrateful.
Prompt: I feel so foolish.
Prompt: We wasted so much time.
Prompt: Too far gone.
Prompt: Music.
Prompt: Dancing.
Prompt: Handwriting.
Prompt: We're so far apart...
Prompt: Is this a dream?
Prompt: White vs. Black.
Prompt: Fire vs. Ice.
Prompt: Just give me some time...
Prompt: Maybe tomorrow...
Prompt: You still awake?
Prompt: Please, don't take this from me.
Prompt: Last time.
Prompt: Forever and a day...
Prompt: High.
Prompt: You're never alone.
Prompt: Be careful what you wish for...
Prompt: Just for tonight...
Prompt: Are you afraid?
Prompt: Don't worry...
Prompt: Like I promised.
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Ideas for Character Pasts
Life-Changing Events
- Rite of passage (birth, adolescence, marriage, joining a religion or club, etc.)
- Death of a family member, mentor, lover, pet, or best friend
- Committing a crime; murder, stealing, break-in, kidnapping, arson, rape, drugs, adultery, forgery, treason, etc.
- Victim or witness of a crime
- Falling in love
- Converting beliefs
- Switching jobs/careers
- Switching lifestyle
- Saving a life
- Scientific discovery
- Personal discovery; destiny, spiritual goal, family secrets, hidden potential, power, or talent
- Fighting in a war
- Winning or losing a battle
- Being recognized for a skill, trait, endeavor, or heroic deed
- Falling into/out of an addiction or habit
- Gaining an inheritance or gift: money, a weapon, armor, jewelry, privilege/rights, property, pet, etc.
- Moving to a new residence
- Going to live with a different family member or guardian
- Achieving a long-term goal
- Earning an award, winning a prize, trophy, certificate, badge, etc.
- Separat
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Killian RP Plot Chart by KJfromColors Killian RP Plot Chart :iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 7 68 Templiara 22888 by TotemSpirit Templiara 22888 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 5 1 #84731 Ma'at by CavernofMichi #84731 Ma'at :iconcavernofmichi:CavernofMichi 6 4 Field Study. Michi. by SucioPerro Field Study. Michi. :iconsucioperro:SucioPerro 83 13 F2U: Sitting Pose Reference/Base by CourtneysConcepts F2U: Sitting Pose Reference/Base :iconcourtneysconcepts:CourtneysConcepts 1,283 28 Boucle Unicorn Import B024 by SilveringOak Boucle Unicorn Import B024 :iconsilveringoak:SilveringOak 13 4
Boucle Slots MP/points! (chocolat, fange, bons)
Everything is below 15 MP and 1000 :points: :dummy:
So, I really want to level my Boucles up (esp Nimue <3) hence this sale ;w; Point prices added, I'm so close to being able to afford super for my species so I can get things going x'D
Breeding Rules
No inbreedingI don't need a slot to the foal
Art Payments
Chibis are absolutely fine, especially for larger payments <3
Show entries count for MP
Fullbody breeding pic with background required, however, the breeding image can be counted with the MP payment but it must be a separate image
Payment should be completed at a rate of 10 MP per week, however, I am open to extensions c:
Please don't offer if you're not confident you'll be able to finish it in a reasonable amount of time!
Point Payments
(for those who have no time for art x'D)
Must be sent in 48 hours, holds only if you ask!
Should be sent via gift after I confirm
Point payments do n
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The Gap - Inspirational Quote by Peris-Productions The Gap - Inspirational Quote :iconperis-productions:Peris-Productions 21 1
Quotes from games, movies, books, life. . .
"Whenever there's a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time. . . that is up to you"
-Wandering Mask Salesman
"The right thing. . . what is it? I wonder. . . if you do the right thing. . . does it really make. . . everybody. . . happy?"
"Your friends. . . what kind of people are they? I wonder. . . do those people. . . think of you. . . as a friend?"
"Your true face. . . what kind of face is it? I wonder. . . the face under the mask. . . is that. . . your true face?"
"What makes you happy? I wonder. . . what makes you happy. . . does it make. . . others happy too?"
-Lunar Children
"Worst case scenario: Someone like you could ever be like someone like you"
"A heaven smile might be laughing right beside you"
"The day he stops smiling is the day we remember his smile"
"That wonderful smile is gone for eternity"
"Laughter is the countdown to
:iconenistoja:enistoja 66 63
Quotes #56 by Alpner Quotes #56 :iconalpner:Alpner 2,277 335


A fullbody or headshot sketch of any character you want baby!
A pretty lineart for your charrie <3
Want a pretty colored headshot or fullbody picture of your character? Look no further!
Soft shaded headshot or fullbody
Soft shading on a pretty character
Realistic shaded headshot or fullbody
Ohhhh pretty
Chibi or pagedoll? Why not both?
You only get one, but you can note me to request multiples. 
Timeless Beauty YHH


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  • Listening to: Halsey
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Jack Reacher
  • Playing: WoW
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  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


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United States
Beep boop.
I'm friendly and always up for a conversation. I'm usually always on unless I'm sleeping.
I love you all<3

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XP earned - 20

Figured I'd give a view of her scars and her other tattoo.
Enjoy some naked Lux!

Everything (C) WildSpiritThings 
My skies
XP earned - 18
Word Count: 465

Not sure what this is. I guess it's a pretty accurate representation on what anxiety is to me.. Either way, enjoy some time in Lux's head!

Maybe there was a time when I was innocent. I cannot remember that time now. The past and present always muddle together in my head.. Am I insane? Some would think not. Some would think it is just PTSD from a life I hardly remember. And some would say I do not remember because it was too traumatic. I have suppressed these memories, refusing to remember the little girl who was too weak. Too fragile.
I am a different kind of fragile now. I huddle in corners, my limbs locked around themselves in the only embrace I can bare. My heart is a Hummingbird in these times, and I am scared it will eventually pop with the stress I put on it. My brain.. That is hard to explain. Let me try.
There is an ocean inside of me. The waves churn silent until the storms come, tossing the waters in a panicked frenzy. The ocean does not understand that this will pass, as everything does. Instead, it turns on itself, waves crushing waves, drowning anything in it's path. There is a swirling starting in the middle sucking everything down, until all that is left is a dry bed, where you would not even bury the most despicable men. But the storms rage on, slowly filling the ocean once more, the panic resuming as if no time had passed. The ocean does not understand the concept  of time. It is a mindless being, only capable of the simplest emotions. Panic. Rage. Calm. For now, it's on a constant loop. Panic, panic, panic. That is all the ocean knows in these times. It consumes the ocean, repeatedly. It will eventually calm, but  the ocean is not sure when. It could be when the storms pass or hours after. What a poor life the ocean lives.
But as I grow, into a new me. A stronger me, evolving into something I cannot even begin to fathom. But as I grow, I begin to live. My heart slows. The storms pass over the ocean. My limbs release their death grip. And I begin anew, once more. For I am the ocean, repeating this sad pattern to the end of my times.
I suppose as I have grown, I have realized I must respect the calm times, even few and far between. I will learn to love the blue skies above me before the clouds come. I will learn to love the place my waters meet the earth. I will learn to love the animals drinking from me, the beings that live in me.
And one day, I can only hope I will see myself as a galaxy, rather than this pitiful ocean. Always expanding.
I can only hope peace will find me if I never see that day.

Everything (C) WildSpiritThings 
Lux | XP tracker


- You are here +2XP

- Reference Sheet +10XP
- My skies +10XP

- Scars +20XP


PER 100 WORDS... 2XP
- Reference History +28XP Word Count 1447
- My skies +8XP Word Count 465
- Example of collaborative fic +200XP +20XP


Lux | Wanderer | ALIVE


{ XP and Skills Tracker | Memes/etc }

:new::new: OMFG ignore me, I forgot her freckles. You can find a better picture of them on her tracker <3 :new::new:
:new:PLEASE NOTE Kujo has not been brought in yet, so please ignore everything striked out. :new:

✖ B A S I C S:

. Name: Lucasta Kingsley
. Meaning: This name was first used by the poet Richard Lovelace for a collection of poems called 'Lucasta' (1649). The poems were dedicated to Lucasta, a nickname for the woman he loved Lucy Sacheverel, who he called lux casta "pure light".
. Pronunciation: LEW-CAST-AH KINGS-LEE
. Past names: Pee-wee, Doll
. Nicknames: LUX, Ash, Cass
. Age: 24
. Height: 5'7"
. Build: Slim, a bit underfed.
. Gender: Female.

. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
. Relationship Status: Single.

. Primary Weapon: Double Bladed Staff (Moki)
. Secondary Weapons: N/A (Will be a pair of blades)

. Faction: Wanderer.
. Rank: None.

. Theme Song(s): You've got the love

. Ethnicity: Native American x European

. Scars: Thick overlapping scars cover her upper back. She keeps them covered.
. Other features: She has very straight teeth with her incisors pointier than usual. She has very high cheekbones, and her nose is a bit crooked from a fight with her father.
. Voice: Rose Leslie

. Piercings: Ears, Septum, Labret, and nipples.
. Tattoos: Geometric pattern around neck, and a quote "These mountains you're carrying, you were only supposed to climb." Across her left shoulder blade.

. Religion: Apatheist
. Political Views: Liberal

. Zodiac: Leo-Virgo Cusp

✖ S T A T S:

. HP: Bullet; RedBullet; Red
. ATK: Bullet; Red
. DEF: Bullet; RedBullet; Red
. SPD: Bullet; RedBullet; Red

✖ P E R S O N A L I T Y:

{ Compassion | Honesty | Loyalty | Playful | Vigorous | Objective | Dramatic | Short Tempered | Fragile }
Lux has always been the oddball one out. She's a mixture of emotions at the best of times, but has a hardy mask that rarely slips. She suffers from a Anxiety Disorder, often causing her flight response to kick in rather than her fight. While she's amazing under pressure, as soon as its over, Lux breaks down. Often others find her a bit dramatic because of this, but it's not something she can help. If you can get by her hardy exterior, be prepared for a easily excitable woman crafted of wit and humor. She's all for living life to the fullest, and often throws herself vigorously into everything she does. Although that's a bit intimidating, if you can bare it, you'll find the most loyal friend, willing to give and share everything she can with you.
This woman has always been compassionate. Ever since a young age, especially watching her mother suffer from addiction, she's held a soft spot for the weaker ones. And due to her past, she's honest to a fault. She'll be the first to point out what won't work in your plan, usually sarcastically, and she'll never sugar coat something to spare your feelings. She's a firm believer that feelings should be felt, even in the most unwanted of times.
And partially due to her anxiety, she has a very short temper, although not often shown. And while she'll blow up at you, it'll be soft, like the calm before the storm. She'll often get overwhelmed by the simplest of things.
Her break downs, while unwanted, let her clear her head. She's a fragile creature, one you should treat like a wounded animal rather than a trusty companion, especially if you're a newcomer.

. Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

. Strengths:
Level headed in tough situations.
Soothing to others.
Honest about herself and her intentions.
Carries herself in a way that says, "deathly, do not touch."

. Weaknesses:
Hard to open up.
Does not do well with authority.
Doesn't usually work well with others.
Flight rather than fight.

. Quirks:
    Always gets a sunburn.
    Is double jointed in the wrists and shoulders.
    Talks very softly, even in arguments.
    Taunts foes.
    Stutters when excited or nervous.

. Secrets:
She is terrified of men and children.
She has never told anyone about her father.

. Hobbies:

. Skills:
    Stealth - Level 0
    Medical - Level 0
    Animal - Level 0
    Survival - Level 0
    Crafting - Level 0

✖ H I S T O R Y:

I don't suppose anyone could say Lux had an easy upbringing. Her mother, Alicia, was hooked on drugs from a very young age. She followed her addiction into her twenties, where she met Matthew. Now Matt, he didn't have a drug problem, or even a drinking problem. It might have made it easier to swallow if he did, but Lux has never been that lucky. Matt would abuse Alicia, to the point she was always in the hospital. One night, Lux came downstairs to see her father had gone too far this time. Her mother, despite all her flaws, had always tried to keep Matt away from her daughter. She would hear Matt come home and hurry Lux upstairs, and tell her not to come down no matter what she heard. Lux would usually cry herself to sleep, but this night, she couldn't seem to close her eyes. So she went downstairs to get something to drink, only to find with her innocent eyes that blood covered the walls. Matt had bashed her mothers head in with the side table lamp. His face showed no remorse.
The cops came, but her father weaseled his way out of it. Said it had been an accident. No investigation was ever done. So, Lux stayed with this cruel man. And with no Alicia to take his anger out on, he turned to his daughter. This went on for years, into Lux's teenage years. Her Uncle had started coming around after his sister, Alicia's, death.
He had noticed the bruises and cuts all over Lux, but thought she was just a clumsy child for the longest time. Kyle, her Uncle, would take Lux camping for the entire summer break form school. It was on one of these trips that Kyle noticed something odd. He and Lux had decided to go swimming. See, their camping grounds were out in Texas, and it would reach over 100° on a better day. So, to cool off, they took a dip in the lake. And for once, Lux had worn a two piece instead of her usual one piece bathing suit, only because she had forgotten to pack the other one. Kyle had noticed the crisscrossed scars covering the preteens back. He confronted her. Who had made those? She tried lying at first, but she could not think of anything that would make those scars. Except for her fathers switchblade. So she told him the truth. Kyle went back to swimming. Lux didn't realize what he was about to do when they arrived back at Matt's. Kyle beat him to a pulp. Called the cops to come get him, not caring that he would spend a measly thirty days in jail for his assault on his brother-in-law. And when he got out, he fought the courts to keep Lux. They wanted to keep her in foster care, but he wasn't having it. His sister's daughter, the one he would treat as his own.
Growing up around Kyle was difficult for Lux. She couldn't trust anyone, especially another man after her father. Her anxiety had been taking over the last couple years, since her mothers death. She would often find herself on the floor after a panic attack. Kyle was very patient, always catering to her. He made sure to slow his movements when he noticed her flinching. He kept his voice soft and made sure to never touch her without her seeing his actions first. Lux loved her Uncle, and grew to trust him, at least more than when they started. They continued going camping and things began looking up for Lux. Now, Lux wasn't ever sure what Kyle did for a job, but never bothered to ask either. So she found herself quite surprised when Kyle presented her with her birthday gift. A 3 and a half foot long double bladed staff. She wasn't sure what to do with it, but accepted it gladly. It was a nice weapon, one that she could at the very least, hang on her wall when she moved out.
As life continued on for the pair, Kyle began helping her more in school. She was nearing adulthood and still wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life. She tried many things during this time, but only few stuck. One of those was Agriculture at school. She found this and Gardening soothing, and Kyle helped her build a greenhouse on the weekends he was home. At sixteen, she began working at an animal shelter. Just normal stuff, bathing the dogs, playing with the kittens, cleaning out kennels and such. She found herself relaxing here as well. She was constantly finding coping skills in this work and with Agri. She still wasn't sure what she wanted to major in in college, but upon turning eighteen, went ahead and got her basics. Around this time, Kyle helped her move into her own apartment. And he started taking her hunting, instead of the usual camping. Although Lux hated taking a creatures life, she found she enjoyed the nature and watching the animals in their natural habits. And when she would make a kill, Kyle made it routine to show her how to give thanks for the animals life.
As she was now eighteen and still working at the animal shelter, when one puppy came in, she instantly fell in love. She was a little black and white thing that the owners had left on the side of the road. She waiting, seeing if anyone would adopt him, but they all found they didn't want him. He was too big and too shy. So Lux, of course, took him home. Kyle was the one who brought up the idea of having Kujo as a service dog. He wasn't too playful as a puppy and they found that he was more than willing to learn. So they took classes for a good six months. Kujo could now stop an attack in it's track and even shorten the ones he couldn't stop. Once old enough, the mutt started going camping and hunting with Kyle and Lux. He might have been a huge dog, but he was silent with his paw steps and made kills that much easier.
It was about this time that Lux found a new career path. She started college for Psychiatry, finding that she loved it. It was also about this time that she took up whittling. She figured it would never be useful, but she could always sell her pieces when she got better. She finished her schooling quite early and got a job right out of the gate with her scores.  
Kujo would accompany Lux at her long days working with her patients and while Kujo was never one to be real friendly, he turned out to enjoy working with the kids Lux brought in. Lux had only been at this job a solid year before Kyle came with news of an outbreak. Some sort of zombie virus. They made plans to meet at the camping grounds they always went to. They went their separate ways, Lux rushing home to load up on supplies. It was already late that night when Kujo and Lux loaded up into her old truck. She'd already seen a few of these 'zombies' in her town and was terrified. Kujo hated them, but stayed quiet on Lux's command. The trip was only a good three hours, but after a good two, her truck decided it was finally time to move on. The engine cut out on her in a rather small town. Copperhead Creek.
She made Kujo follow closely as she ran to gather more supplies. She hadn't brought too much, seeing as the camp site cabin would be stocked full and figured she might not get another chance with how quickly the virus was spreading. She got caught on a piece of metal in the store when Kujo warned her of a threat. Not knowing whether it was a Zombie or a Survivor, she freed herself and hight tailed it out of there with her meager supplies. She took to the woods, knowing them best. Kujo and Lux stayed close to the border, never losing sight of the town. And being so close, she heard quite a bit in the following months. She heard of the Factions, of how some people had turned cruel and brutish. She waited in these woods, playing out her best chances. She, for now, will stay alone, meeting a couple people from these 'Factions' when she can. She's got a couple plans to think over, but for now, it is just day to day survival.

✖ C O M P A N I O N S:

. Name: Kujo
. Breed: Bull Terrier x Central Asian Shepherd x Doberman
. Sex: Male
. Height: 27 inches to the shoulder
. Personality: While he's very loyal and smart, he's only loyal to Lux. He'll refuse pets and food from others unless she says it's okay. A big part of Kujo's job is to be a protector. With Lux's anxiety, he was her therapy dog/service dog before the virus started. Now, when she has an attack, he is to make sure she is in a safe location and offer comfort, keeping watch for any threats that he can warn Lux about in time. He often helps her when out hunting, for he would go hunting and camping with her before this all started.

✖ R O L E P L A Y S:

. Character Status: Alive
. Activity Level: 8/10

. Time Zone: CST - Arkansas

. Skype: These often get lost, and I almost never check Skype.
. Notes: I don't mind these, but often forget about them.
. Chat: Sure.
. Comments: Plz no
. Google Docs: Preferred method.

. Cursing: Bruh, it's set in Texas. You better throw some curse words around.
. Violence: I LOVE IT.
. Gore: Not squeamish at all. Go for it!
. Sexual Themes: Dis cool. Discuss with me beforehand on how graphic you would like it.

✖ R E L A T I O N S H I P S:

   Bullet; Black|Dislike
   Bullet; BlackBullet; Black|Hate
   Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black|Mortal Enemy
   Skull and Crossbones|Wants dead
Skull and CrossbonesSkull and Crossbones|Is dead

   Bullet; Yellow|Admires
   Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow|Respects
   Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow|Trusts
   Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow|Idolizes

   Bullet; Pink|Attraction
   Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink|Crush
   Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink|Major Crush
   Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink|Obsession

   Bullet; Red|Visually Appealing
   Bullet; RedBullet; Red|Physical Attraction
   Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red|Lust

   Bullet; Purple|Inseparable 
   Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple|Loves
   Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple|Would die for

   Bullet; Green|Likes
   Bullet; GreenBullet; Green|Friend
   Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green|Best Friend
   Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green|Platonic Love

   Bullet; White|loyal Acquaintance
   Bullet; WhiteBullet; White|Unsure
   Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White|Nervous of
   Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White|Scared of

   Bullet; Blue|Uncomfortable
   Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue|Avoidance

Alicia - Skull and CrossbonesSkull and Crossbones|Bullet; Black|Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple|Bullet; Blue| - While she loves her mother, Lux finds her thinking Alicia was extremely weak. She thinks if she would have just quit the drugs and left Matt, she wouldn't be dead now. It's Alicia's fault Lux was abused all those years.
Matthew -
Skull and Crossbones|Bullet; BlackBullet; Black|Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White|Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue| - Lux hates her father. How could you do those things to the woman you claimed to love? To your daughter??
Kyle -
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green|Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple|Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow| - Kyle was the only one who ever cared about Lux. He saved her in many ways and gave her a life. She hopes to find him alive and well.
Kujo -
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green|Bullet; White|Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple|Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow| - This dog has been through many things with Lux and she can't stand the thought of ever losing him. He's become a lifeline for her.

<da:thumb id="671329916"/>

  • Listening to: Halsey
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Jack Reacher
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper



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Blush Little Pixel Heart 
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Thanks for the fave!
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